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Some quality sci-fi-themed viewing to while away the evenings…

1] All Of Us Are Dead

South Korea is the undead capital of the world – and joining the likes of Train To BusanPeninsula#Alive, Seoul Station and Kingdom is All Of Us Are Dead, a series depicting an outbreak from the perspective of a group of high-school kids. Dark, breathless and allegorical, it’s a fascinating contrast to something like the similarly intense Black Summer.

2] Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

If you liked the majestic, serene and surreal Tales From The Loop, this is worth seeking out… this 2017 independent film is a retelling of that age-old yarn we’ve all heard a thousand times before – a boy, a girl and a robot hike across a desert land, looking for a mythical lake. If hypnotic, slow-moving celluloid sci-fi isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe just listen to the bizarre but beguiling Grandaddy song of the same name instead.

3] The Vast Of Night

Don’t be put off by the full-on rapid-fire intro to the precocious and slightly smarmy characters at the heart of this drama set in 1950s small-town America during the heyday of flying-saucer fever. As jarring as the kids initially are, you soon settle into the film’s eerily nocturnal setting, its nailbiting atmosphere and its reconstruction of a paranoid bygone era – and if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with a claustrophobic updating of the classic B-movie formula.

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