Listen to my writing music playlist on Spotify

Need to focus on writing while ambient and electronic sounds wash over you? Here’s my go-to Spotify playlist… stick it on shuffle for minimal vocals, maximum dreamy ambience, SF-themed electro, synthwave, headphone electronica and more.

I’m a science-fiction writer, so there’s a broad theme of space and futuristic SF stuff running through my selections. When I’m working on writing, I tend to favour instrumental music with strange textures, found sounds and odd samples in it over lyrical and vocal music. Sadly, my brain can’t multitask the linguistic input/output well enough to maintain focus on vocal-heavy tunes.

Be careful when choosing mascots for your trips through space

It’s not just for writing, either, of course. It’ll work for relaxation, meditation or general ambience just as well. Or perhaps you’re listening in the distant future on some interstellar cargo-carrier and you need some pacifying sounds because it’s your turn to bathe the alien… it’ll work for that too, I guarantee it.

Hope you enjoy it, and keep checking back as it’s regularly updated.

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