More Soma sounds

Here’s the latest in what’s becoming something of a series of recommendation posts, offering my latest picks from internet space-radio specialists Soma FM’s Groove Salad and Deep Space One channels – always my preferred pick for ambience when I’m writing. It’s also the kind of stuff I imagine that Avion pilot Vonya of Ok’cuu from The Kassini Division listens to on a loop in her earphones…

Marc Minot – Joop Joop

Three minutes of beaty ambient space-synth here, Marc Minot keeps it both simple and without a doubt, chilled. A perfect interlude for a late-night, long haul trade run in Elite Dangerous.

The Beekeepers – Dark Ascending

Crunchy tech-drama which should be backing a movie, like a less obvious Clubbed To Death by Rob D made by somebody who wants to play more than the one synth and repeat more than one phrase. Backed by a classic Zeppy bludgeon rhythm, sure, but I love the drum switch up in the bridge and it’s short and sweet enough not to outstay its initially big welcome.


This longer, chillout piece from 1994 lures you into a false sense of security with its roomy drums and stereo percussive loops, until the distorted burn of the massive chorus only previously hinted at by a brittle harmonic riff arrives. Pretty sure this shares something with the (also excellent) main menu music of Battle Royale game Apex Legends.

That’s my lot for now, remember to go and support Soma FM if you like what you hear, as I do – they rely on listener donations to stay out there, plucking this kind of thing from the ether for us to enjoy.

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