New book – My Time As A Shadow

Everyone has at least one zombie novel in them, or so the saying goes. Here’s mine… My Time As A Shadow is a brand-new near-future dystopian survival thriller, out now to buy on Amazon.

The background…

I’ll read, watch or play anything with a zombie in it. But as well as the thrill of the chase, I’ve always returned to books, films, TV series or games that zoom in on the psychological implications of the apocalypse. The reward for me comes from vicariously living the dilemmas facing characters who are coming to terms with a once-familiar world now infested with the undead.

So as well as the genre’s landmark classics, my favourite zombie stuff includes Cargo, The Battery, Ravenous, The Night Eats The World, State Of Decay 2 and my all-time favourite, Colson Whitehead’s mighty Zone One. If you enjoyed any of those, give this a whirl. I loved writing it and I hope you enjoy finding out what happens to my three very different survivors.

With thanks to Gary Walker for his invaluable editing and proofing skills

The story…

Celeste works on past lives for the Antidote Trials.

Micah is a soldier in the Clearance Squads.

Rob raids the Plague Zones as a Delivery-Zee rider.

As undead Britain falls apart, who lives to tell the tale?

2025… and the unthinkable apocalypse has happened. Zombies walk, the world’s population has been devastated. Three years on from the first outbreak, those who made it still struggle to make sense of it all.

In the UK, what’s left of the army has clawed back control, but vast swathes of the country are now Plague Zones, crawling with hordes. In the government’s Facilities, undead loved ones are experimented on… the world holds its breath, desperate for a cure.

For the survivors, the show must go on. Celeste Lauren pieces together the past lives of patients, haunted by her own ghosts; reluctant soldier Micah Randall still visits Annie, his infected partner; while survivalist loner Rob Allen scavenges luxuries for the Delivery-Zee franchise among the ruins.

When the antidote arrives, the side-effects are serious. Which of these three very different people will survive, as their fates become inexorably entwined?

Buy now on Amazon, price £2.99 (ebook). Print version to follow.

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