Some standout sci-fi sonics

Since you’re here, the chances are you’re into a bit of science-fiction-themed listening. Try these…

1] Phoebe’s White Skin by Velvet May

This dark and relentless headphone-techno track is perfect for soundtracking sci-fi action sequences in your imagination. Its atmosphere reminded me a lot of 1990 SF cult movie Hardware. Which incidentally, if you’ve never seen it, is worth mercilessly tracking down… it has a fascinating and controversial backstory, is a pleasingly anarchic watch and thoroughly captures the ‘anything goes’ ethos and attitude of the bootleg-Betamax era of 80s sci-fi.

2] Forgive by Burial

A 2006 track that samples Eno/Lanois’ Apollo Missions, Forgive is a haunting, atmospheric loop that sounds to me like walking along a beach on a strange planet.

3] Space Mystery (Montage) by Raymond Scott

This proto-electro soundscape from Manhattan Research Inc. was posthumously released in 2000, but was created in the 50s and 60s. Scott described his technologically avant-garde compositions as “a dream centre where the excitement of tomorrow is made available today” and any fan of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop will love it. And of course, we have no choice – we are all fans of the Radiophonic Workshop.

Read more about SomaFM, my go-to galactic radio station, here… check out the Deep Space One and Groove Salad channels for ambient electronic space listening.

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