Three epic SF tunes

Soooooo much music, so little time. Some sci-fi sounds for you…

1] Max Cooper


With Everything, electronic musician and AV artist Max Cooper has created a euphoric epic with a beautiful video to match. It’s the kind of tune that could soundtrack a journey through a black hole, a mysterious stargate… or you could just use it to dramatise a trip to the shops. Up to you. The album, Unspoken Words, is out now.

2] Somfay

A Catch In The Voice

From its Paradroid-esque FX in the intro and its dive into subterranean bass ambiences onwards, this double album – half chilled, half upbeat – is a spacey journey for fans of immersive, textured electronica in the Boards Of Canada vein. Excellent song titles, too… Folding Ghosts Into Origami Stars, anyone?



So reminiscent of the Paul Hardcastle/Vangelis instrumental synth odysseys that occasionally made it into the mainstream charts in the 80s, if ever a track sounded like the kind of music futuristic droids would stomp into battle listening to, it’s this. 

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