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Dead Formats and the sci-fi detective crossover

Dead Formats (A Rand Hoté Mystery) is my new book, available now on Amazon. It’s a science-fiction mystery novel, featuring a detective investigating a murder in a near-future world that’s extrapolated from our own. Here’s the blurb: When holo lawyer Rand Hoté meets Tegan Kolechko, she hires him to investigate her death.  Tegan’s been resurrected as a hologram, but has no memory of […]

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New book: Dead Formats

My latest novel is a sci-fi mystery story set in 2064, in a world based loosely on our own where immortality has been achieved via workable, but imperfect, hologram simulation technology. Check out the amazing cover, which was designed by Kat Bastow and incorporates elements by Bruno Thethe and Irina Bg. I think it manages […]

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